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MQQN Café's Apple Pie

MQQN Café Original Shake

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MOON Cafe Homepage (English)

Welcome to MOON Cafe's English Edition homepage.
MOON Cafe is located in Honmoku Yokohama, at MOONEYES Area-1.
Our address is 2-10 Honmoku-Miyahara, Naka-ku Yokohama.
TEL: 045-623-3960
We are open everyday!

All of our burgers are made in-house from scratch, starting with the individually weighed handmade patties. There's no other burger like it! Cooked over an open grille, the taste of a MOON Cafe burger is an experience that satisfies all the senses! With a wide variety of menu options to choose from, you can eat it the old fashioned way starting with a plain burger or have our famous Loco-Moco which serves the hot beef patty over steamed rice, topped with American gravy, Demi-Glace sauce or even Chili!

We also have many other menu items to choose from, not just burgers. Take a look at our menu for more details and photos! There's something for everyone!


MQQN Cafe Monthly Special Menu
"Vegetable & Cheese Hot Sandwich"
Monthly Special Menu for February is Vegetable & Cheese Hot Sandwich!!

Special Sandwich with stir-fried Mushroom, Onion, Okura, and Macadamia Nuts and the toast is with mozzarella cheese tagged with tomato sauce! It is a healthy and simple flavor with salt & herb, and people think that it is too simple! Mushroom with umami element, Onion's sweetness, Okura having soft texture all of these tastinesses builds up the tastiness and the texture of the Nuts perfectly matches with the mozzarella cheese! Have you notice?

Special "MOON" Sandwich ONLY for February!! French fries can be changed to a salad!

Price includes a drink.
Drink selection: Coca-Cola, Soda, Lemonade, Coffee (Hot/Iced), or tea (Hot/Iced)

Sausage Topping + 150yen(+tax)

MOON Cafe Monthly Special Menu
"Chicken Gumbo Plate"
MOON Cafe's Monthly menu for February is Chicken Gumbo Plate.

Chicken Gumbo which is familiar to Southern part of USA is now available only for this month. Gumbo(Okura), pork sausage, mushroom, onion, and chicken are boiled with tomato sauce and seasoned with chili powder and other spices. As it is stewed this taste of the chicken will get full-bodied, the rich taste of the spices will accent the thickness of the fascination of Chicken Gumbo. It will warm your body and perfect for this February.

Price includes a drink.
Drink selection: Coca-Cola, Soda, Lemonade, Coffee (Hot/Iced), or tea (Hot/Iced)


MOON Cafe Monthly Special Dessert
MQQN Cafe will deliver a special brownie, limited to February! It comes with Häagen-Dazs Strawberry ice cream and the popular dessert menu "Home-made Brownie"! You can also enjoy the Cocoa powder Eye mark. Hot Brownie will be served.


MOON Cafe Monthly Special Hot Drink
Hot Chocolate
MQQN Cafe will recommend the Hot Drink that will make you warm in this cold season only for this February! MQQN Cafe original Hot Chocolate using plenty of HERSHEY'S chocolate sauce, topped with plenty of steamed milk, marshmallow, cocoa powder, and chocolate sauce! Please enjoy the special hot chocolate that makes your body and heart warm.


MOON Cafe Original Butter Mochi
MQQN Cafe Original 「Butter Mochi」

"Butter Mochi" is a familiar sweet treat in Hawaii. It has a mild sweetness and outside is crisped and inside is moist and chewy. From now on you can taste this popular "Butter Mochi" at MOON Cafe. The recipe is using butter, mochiko and instead of milk, MOON Cafe is using healthy soy milk. Please enjoy the chewy "Hawaiian Treat" with the flavor of the rich butter, and the sweetness of the coconut milk at MQQN Cafe


You can additionally order Häagen-Dazs ice cream and whip cream.
Additional Häagen-Dazs ice cream 350yen(+tax)
Extra Whip Cream 150yen(+tax)

Small Menu is now available in MQQN Cafe!

Starting with Loco Moco, and other plate menus you can choose Small Rice! By choosing this Small Rice you can keep your stomach to enjoy the dessert.

Furthermore, from now on you can order Tacos, SPAMOON Musubi from One, and Mochiko Chicken w/ French Fries from Half size!
For people who are unsatisfied and, people who want to eat more but can't and people who want to enjoy alcohol and some meal this will be the perfect one for you.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask any MQQN Cafe STAFF.
※Image of the menus are regular size.

MOON Cafe Monthly Special Menu
¥300 OFF Ticket Campaign
For people purchase more than ¥3,000(without tax) in weekdays at MOONEYES Area-1, can get MOON Cafe Monthly Special Menu Special ¥300 OFF discount ticket!

After you enjoyed shopping at MOONEYES Area-1, come to MOON Cafe and use the ticket and try the Monthly Special Menu.

※Ticket can only be used on Weekdays (Monday ~ Friday) only for Monthly Special Menu. You can use it on the day.
※Ticket is valid for 1 month from the day you got the ticket.
※Ticket that do not have a stamp on the back is invalid.
※You can only get this ticket on Weekdays.

MOON Cafe Official Instagram
Follow @mooncafe_coffeeshop, tag it, Check In and post the photo of MOON Cafe and recieve 5% discount!

After you post the photo to Instagram show the post to the CAFE Staff.

*You can only use it at MQQN Cafe. Apply to only photos on the day you visit, only 1 time discount per table. Please note, Stories does not apply.

FOOD, DRINK, DESSERT, inside of the Cafe, any photo of MOON Cafe is OK!
Speaking of MQQN Cafe, we have made a new video clip featuring MQQN Cafe's original ice cream shake! Be sure to check it out and drop in to MQQN Cafe and try one on for size!


Custom Built Burger ANY WAY YOU WANT

MOON Cafe's MIHASHI "Apple Pie"

MOON Cafe is located in Honmoku, Yokohama at MOONEYES Area-1
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