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Last Order: 9:30PM

10:30AM - 9:00PM
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Lunch Specials
11:30AM - 3:00PM
(Monday - Friday)

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Where Food is Fun

Kalua Pork

MQQN Café's Apple Pie

MQQN Café Original Shake

Behind the counter at MQQN Café

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MOON Cafe Homepage (English)
Welcome to MOON Cafe's English Edition homepage.
MOON Cafe is located in Honmoku Yokohama, at MOONEYES Area-1.
Our address is 2-10 Honmoku-Miyahara, Naka-ku Yokohama.
TEL: 045-623-3960
We are open everyday!

All of our burgers are made in-house from scratch, starting with the individually weighed handmade patties. There's no other burger like it! Cooked over an open grille, the taste of a MOON Cafe burger is an experience that satisfies all the senses! With a wide variety of menu options to choose from, you can eat it the old fashioned way starting with a plain burger or have our famous Loco-Moco which serves the hot beef patty over steamed rice, topped with American gravy, Demi-Glace sauce or even Chili!

We also have many other menu items to choose from, not just burgers. Take a look at our menu for more details and photos! There's something for everyone!

MQQN Cafe Temporary Change of Operating Hours
MQQN Cafe will be temporarily changing the operating hours on
October 3rd (Tuesday) for a reservation.

[OPEN]11:30 〜[CLOSE]14:30(Last order at 14:00)

[OPEN]17:00 〜[CLOSE]22:00(Last order at 21:30)

※We will reopen at 17:00 on the same day and resume work as usual.
Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

※From October 4th (Wednesday) we are working as usual/

If there are any questions please contact us.


MQQN Cafe Monthly Special Burger

MQQN Cafe Monthly Special Burger is "Bam Bam Chicken Burger"

The Monthly Special Burger for November is Bam Bam Chicken Burger!! A healthy grilled chicken with lettuce and tomato and finished with the MQQN Cafe Original Bam Bam sauce (mayonnaise & sweet chili)!

The mayonnaise base gives it a mild flavor and accentuated with the chili taste are perfectly matched with the fresh vegetables and chicken to stimulate your appetite!! The Recommended Special Burger only for November!!

Select from our range of drinks from Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Soda, Lemonade, Coffee (Hot/Iced), or tea (Hot/Iced)

1,200yen +tax

MQQN Cafe Monthly Special Menu
Demiglace Honey Pork Plate

The MQQN Cafe Monthly Special Menu is "Demi-glace Honey Pork Plate"

Butter sautéed onion, carrot, and pickles are matched with the pork together with the MQQN Cafe Original Demi-glace sauce. The secret ingredient is honey and its sweetness is best matched with the pork!! The sourness of the pickles also gives it a refreshing taste. The Special Menu only for November. Includes a drink!! You may also change the salad to French fries.

Select from our range of drinks from Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Soda, Lemonade, Coffee (Hot/Iced), or tea (Hot/Iced)
1,200yen +tax

New Menu Item
MOON Cafe Original Cobb Salad. . . . . 1,500yen (+tax)

MOON Cafe have exciting news this month with an introduction of a new menu item. MOON Cafe Original Cobb Salad with Fresh Mushrooms. This salad is not your average salad and satisfies in every way. It features fresh lettuce with crushed bacon, sliced boiled eggs, diced cucumbers, tomatoes, avocado and freshly cut mushrooms. Of course, a Cobb Salad isn't a Cobb Salad without blue cheese dressing on the side. Or you have request French dressing on the side instead.
MOON Cafe. Where Food is Fun.

Mushroom Gravy MOCO
(aka White Gravy Moco) features your favorite Loco Moco plate served with homemade mushroom white gravy.
1,200yen (+100yen for large rice) (with tax)

MOON Cafe Origianl Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Our delicious sandwich is served with rye bread, grilled to perfection with heaps of cheddar cheese and grilled onions. Includes coleslaw and French fries.
998yen (with tax)

Speaking of MQQN Cafe, we have made a new video clip featuring MQQN Cafe's original ice cream shake! Be sure to check it out and drop in to MQQN Cafe and try one on for size!

MOON Cafe Original Menu: STEAK PLATE! (1,200 yen)
200 grams of 100% beef, open grilled to perfection, served with two scoops of steamed white rice, your choice of salad & macaroni or French Fries. Special sauces are available at 300 yen each. Choose from gravy, demi-glace, teriyaki or chili.
Add an extra scoop of rice for 100 yen


Custom Built Burger ANY WAY YOU WANT

MOON Cafe's MIHASHI "Apple Pie"

MOON Cafe is located in Honmoku, Yokohama at MOONEYES Area-1
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